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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: What TO Expect In Patch 2.4 And Beyond



This weekend, Square Enix live-streamed the latest news on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s upcoming version 2.4 patch, where we’ll finally get to fight Shiva, and more. Here are some of the highlights from the stream.



The above is a look at the three dungeons that will be added in the 2.4 update. Sastasha and The Sunken Temple of Qarn will get their Hard Mode versions, while we’ll see a new dungeon with Snowcloak.


While producer Naoki Yoshida kept most of the Shiva information under wraps for the time being,  the developers did share a closer look at her and the arena:


2014-09-20_233442 2014-09-20_233451

2014-09-20_233537 2014-09-20_233616


At first glance, it might look like you could fall off the platform, but there are some stairs to get on top, which Yoshida said may or may not fall apart once the battle starts.

Similar to the Ramuh, Shiva will have Hard and Extreme modes, and will give away both weapons and accessories. When Yoshida went up against her, it took about two shots for her to take him out, unlike the previous Ramuh demonstration, where his character got one shot killed.


While on the subject of the new class and job, the poison used by Rogues will be completely different than the DOTs (damage-over-time) that we have so far, as it will be based off a completely new system.


When asked whether there will be any any special conditions needed to get the job change to Ninja, Yoshi-P said there won’t be anything like that, but you’ll need to have a job at level 10 to unlock Rogue, as it won’t be available right off the bat.


Unlike Ninjas of past games, the ninjas in FFXIV won’t be able to use the “Throw” command that let them use random equipment or weapons to damage opponents.


The marriage system, known as Eternal Bond system, is currently still in the works and will be available in 2.45 with some extra features. When asked whether there will be a feature that lets partners teleport to each other, Yoshi-P just mentioned that they’ll get the two-man Chocobos, and they’ll also add one more thing for the Eternal Bond partners.


One fan asked if the team will make adjustments for Crystal Towers, which can take a while to queue for now. According to Yoshida, they’re currently brainstorming some ways to make the wait shorter by perhaps making it possible to run with fewer people.


The “Mirror of the Whorl” item that is used to increase the item level of the Leviathan weapons has a very low drop rate at the moment, and this will also be increased sometime soon.


As far as the mass PvP Frontline, Square Enix are currently working on a new map that will bring a new rule and system from what we have in the current map. Afterwards, they’ll put in a little more work on some features for  the 4-on-4 PvP at The Wolves’ Den. The PvP rank will also increase as well.


To summarize what to expect in patch 2.4, here’s a little list that Square Enix put together:



Yoshi-P ended the live-stream by saying thank you to the fans, and that it looks like the 2.4 update will be good to go by sometime next month.

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