Final Fantasy XIV Returner Campaign Offers 14 Days of Free Game Time to Players

Final Fantasy XIV Returner Campaign

The Final Fantasy XIV Returner Campaign is back in the game. Once again, players who have lapsed in their subscription can return to the game entirely for free. Those who make use of the period will have a total of 14 days of free game time starting on July 9 to August 23, 2021. As always, this does come with some stipulations. The Returner Campaign is strictly limited to players who have not had a subscription to Final Fantasy XIV for a set period of time.

Additionally, logging in will immediately begin the period of free game time. Returners cannot pause this period while they are not playing. Those who wish to return to the game will want to keep this in mind. The player must also not have had an active subscription to Final Fantasy XIV within the past 30 days in order to be eligible.

Those who have several accounts linked to the same Square Enix ID will also need to make sure all accounts attached to the ID have been inactive for that period as well. If all service accounts are inactive, only one of the accounts are eligible for the campaign. Other conditions are available to read through the official website.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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