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Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots Show Off Stormblood’s Key Characters, Main City Kugane, And More



Square Enix has shared a brand-new bunch of screenshots for Final Fantasy XIV, showing off more from the MMO’s upcoming expansion, Stormblood. In the images below, we get a look at the cast of characters that will be prominent in the expansion’s story, including Lyse, Yugiri, Gosetsu, Yotsuyu, Hien, Zevon yae Galvus, and Fordola. Details about each of these characters was released during a recent Live Letter from the Producer.


In addition, the screenshots also show more from Kugane, one of the hub cities, as well as Ala Mhigo, underwater exploration, new job animations, and more.



2017-05-01_045138 2017-05-01_045153

2017-05-01_045205 2017-05-01_045217

2017-05-01_045235 2017-05-01_045249



FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_002 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_003

FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_004 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_005

FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_006 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_007

FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_008 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_009


FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_011 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_012

FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_013 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_014

FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_015 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_016

FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_017 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_018


FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_020 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_021

FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_022 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_023

FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_024 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_025

FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_026 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_027

FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_028 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_029

FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_030 FFXIV_40_Mediakit_20170501_031



Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The expansion, Stormblood, will release on June 20th, 2017. You can catch up on plenty of info from the recent Live Letter in our earlier report.