Final Fantasy XIV’s Mentoring System To Have Veteran Players Help New Ones




Final Fantasy XIV’s Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida, in an interview with PlayStation Blog, explains how  Patch 3.2 will bring a new mentoring system with it. Designed to link new players up with experienced ones, it is built to help players learn how to play the game when they first come to Final Fantasy XIV.




With Patch 3.2, a Novice Chat will be introduced into the game so new players (played less than 40 hours) can ask mentors questions. When a new player and mentor form a party, they will receive bonus experience. Mentors may also join a special duty roulette that will specifically pair them with new players.




To apply to be a mentor, a player must have a level 60 job in each of the combat roles (Tank, Healer, DPS), complete more than 1000 dungeons, and have more than 300 commendations. To be a crafting mentor, the player must be level 60 in both a gathering and crafting class, have created 100 collectibles, and have collected over 300 collectibles.


Mentoring comes with some minor rewards through achievements and titles, but nothing too special so as to discourage players from becoming a mentor just for the reward.

Alistair Wong
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