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Final Fantasy XIV’s Update Adds New PvP Mode And A Tougher Alexander Raid



Final Fantasy XIV  is getting  its 3.05 update later tonight, which adds a new mode to its massive PvP feature Frontline, along with the “Savage Mode” version of the Alexander raids. The Lodestone page shares more details on what’s to come.


The new PvP encounter Seal Rock (Seize) will have similar requirements and rules as previous variants of the PvP feature, with no requirements or restrictions for parties, and players will get to change jobs at their Grand Company landing.


This time around, players aid their company by retrieving data from Allagan tomeliths and defeating players from opposing teams. The first team to accumulate the required amount of data will be declared the winner, and the remaining teams will be ranked according to their respective ratings.


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B rank, A rank, and S rank tomeliths.

Seal Rock island is home to ancient relics known as Allagan tomeliths, structures containing data coveted by the three Grand Companies. Players must locate and occupy tomeliths to activate them and extract their data.

Allagan tomeliths will activate at one of three ranks: S, A, or B. Although tomeliths have a lower chance to activate at higher ranks, they hold a larger quantity of data that can be retrieved while they are occupied. As the match progresses, tomeliths will have an increased chance to activate at higher ranks.


As for Alexander: Gordias (Savage) is a more difficult version of the Alexander raids, and while it will provide a bigger challenge for the players and better loot, it will have limitations similar to the earlier Coil raids. Here’s a description provided by Square Enix:

Progress within Alexander: Gordias (Savage) is saved as you advance through each area. Party members who have completed a given area may challenge it again if they meet the entry requirements.

However, in the event all party members have completed a given area, they cannot re-enter until progress is reset. Players may only enter if at least one party member has yet to clear the area.

And more details on the rewards:

Treasure coffers that appear upon completing areas in Alexander: Gordias (Savage) will yield gear. In addition, players will receive a page of the Gordian Manifesto from each area, which can be exchanged for gear of your choosing.

If your party contains players replaying an area prior to the weekly reset, the number of treasure coffers appearing upon completion will decrease. Furthermore, players will be ineligible for rewards from treasure coffers as well as pages of theGordian Manifesto when replaying an area prior to the weekly reset.

You can read more about the update on the latest patch notes, here.

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