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Final Fantasy XV Broke Even With Development Costs On Its Launch Day



There was plenty of talk about how many copies of Final Fantasy XV Square Enix needed to sell in order to cover their development costs for the game, but as it turns out, they managed to do so on its first day of release. [Thanks, DualShockers.]


Speaking to the website, director Hajime Tabata clarified that Final Fantasy XV has already broken even with its development costs, and it also managed to do so on the very first day of launch on November 29, 2016.


When the game released, it didn’t take long for Square Enix to announce that it had already surpassed the 5 million in total shipment and downloads, so that means the actual number to break even with its development costs was somewhere from 5 million or lower.


Hajime Tabata stated in a recent interview that the RPG had already surpassed the 6 million mark, so we now know that it’s been bringing in a profit for the company for a couple months now.


Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out our earlier report to see their schedule on DLC and updates they’ve recently planned out.

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