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Final Fantasy XV Director On The Game’s Magic System


Final Fantasy XV Magic System

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Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata answers questions about how the magic system works in an interview at Gamescom with PlayStation Access. He also goes on to discuss the clothing and car customization options in the game.


Regarding the magic system, Tabata shares his vision of how wielding magic should feel to players of Final Fantasy XV. “We really wanted it to feel as though [magic] is part of the physics of this world and is a real physical phenomenon as well as being this strange and mysterious energy, but that it really felt part of the game world,” Tabata explains. “The design of the magic is very much based on the idea that in order to make something impactful or impressive it shouldn’t be just about having lots of different spells available. So we limited it down to a smaller number of well designed, individual ones and then added a system where the player could craft and change and tweak all the capabilities of all these spells to their own liking.”


Tabata continues, “Basically you put together combinations of different magics and you can adjust it finely by adding certain items. The whole idea of the system is that there are no failures; whatever you create is going to have some kind of bonus effect to the magic. Different people can create their own favorite combinations, so there’s a lot you can get from that.”


The full interview can be viewed in the video below.


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