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Final Fantasy XV Footage Shows A Closer Look At Cindy And More Of The New Town



    Jump Festa 2015 took place over the weekend, where Square Enix shared the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XV along with tons of details on the game. During the presentation, they also showed a couple of clips that didn’t make it into the main trailer.



    The video shows a closer look at the recently revealed character, Cindy. According to director Hajime Tabata, it’s the scene where Noctis and friends first meet her, but Square Enix decided to mute out the voices in order to prevent spoilers.


    As previously detailed, Square Enix said that Cindy won’t have much to do with the story, but she’s a mechanic who’ll talk to you about gameplay. She’ll also appear in the Episode Duscae demo, where you’ll get to learn more about her.



    The next video shows a little town exploration, where we get to check out a little more of the new town called Lestarg, as it continues the footage from the cruising scene in the trailer, and we get to see the party step out of the car for a little.


    It then cuts off to a dog’s perspective, in the “Dog Cam” mode, which was done to give us a look at what it’s like to explore around the town. It shows some of the parts that aren’t completely finished, but they wanted to use the occasion to give us an idea of how vast the town is.


    At around the 1:45 mark, the dog explores a market area, where you’ll get to purchase ingredients, then cook meals at a camp site for buffs. At 2:20, we get to see a bit where the dog is shown peeing, and the area seen in the back is said to play a big role in the story.


    Tabata also jokingly mentioned that if there’s enough demand, he’ll introduce more on the Dog Cam which was used in the footage.


    Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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