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Final Fantasy XV Gamescom Active Time Report Focused On Foundations


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The Final Fantasy XV Gamescom 2015 Active Time Report has concluded and it felt as though much of the presentation was about building a foundation. Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata, Game Director, and Akio Ofuji, Marketing Manager, went over the Dawn trailer set 15 years before the events of the game, made some general announcements, and answered a few questions.


The Gamescom presentation began with a revisitation of the trailer released earlier in the day. The bond between Noctis and his father will be as important as the one between him and his friends. It also offered an introduction to the story. Lucis and Niflheim were going to sign a peace treaty. Prince Noctis and his fiance, Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae, were going to be married as part of the union. Nifleheim attacks, taking control of Lucis and its crystal. King Regis and Lunafreya are supposedly dead. Noctis and his allies must fight back.


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From there, Tabata answered a few general and fan Final Fantasy XV questions asked by Ofuji. Square Enix is still attempting to determine if airships, particularly playable ones, will be feasible. The developer is hoping to adjust the color range so it won’t appear so dark on TVs. The Cross Change system is still being tweaked and polished for the final release. Also, the story will hopefully be emotional on an “epic” scale.


Fans asked questions about two important Final Fantasy XV characters. One query concerned the villain, which Square Enix isn’t ready to discuss yet. Tabata says he won’t be “beaten” by previous villains in the series. Another asked about the Final Fantasy XV woman with the black hair, but all Tabata said is, “Yeah, that’s what she looks like.” and that she’s referred to as Straight Black Hair Girl by staff as well.


The Final Fantasy XV playable demo from Jump Festa was mentioned. Tabata says Square Enix hasn’t forgotten about it and knows what content will be included. However, a release date wasn’t announced.


final fantasy xv forum


Official Final Fantasy XV forums were announced during the ATR. A launch date wasn’t announced, but they will support English and Japanese and be a place for people to socialize and get firsthand information from the development team.


A release date for Final Fantasy XV was still not announced, though it was teased by Tabata during the event. Future Active Time Reports will be held at PAX Prime at the end of August and the Tokyo Game Show in September.

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