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Final Fantasy XV Getting 60 fps For PS4 Pro On February 21, Off-Road Regalia Later



Square Enix hosted their latest Active Time Report live stream for Final Fantasy XV today, where director Hajime Tabata talked about off-road driving for the Regalia, 60fps update for PS4 Pro, and more.


The full Active Time Report broadcast is available to check out in the above video.


Here’s the schedule and highlights of what we’re getting in the near future:


February 21


  • PS4 Pro full-HD 60fps support


  • Limited-Time Quests: This time we’re getting Hunts as part of the new limited-time quests that are being added through the update.


  • Level cap increase from 99 to 120


  • Photo storage capacity increase from  150 to 200


  • Music Player available while riding Chocobos



  • Booster Pack+: Bundle that features Boost Sword weapon, Dragon Mod fishing rod, Aviol reel.


  • Booster Pack: Free version featuring the “Magitek Exosuit” (Delayed due to reasons explained below).



Square Enix stated that due to similarities with Power Rangers, they’re going to change the designs on the suits and will share more info on its availability later.


March 28


  • Chapter 13 Update: An update to improve on the game’s Chapter 13. It’s been revealed that you’ll get to play as Gladio for a short period of time as well for the chapter.



  • Episode: Gladiolus DLC


March 31


  • Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV to be removed off PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.




  • Episode: Prompto DLC


In Development

  • Square Enix is working on a “Free Drive” feature that allows players to off-road drive on the Regalia. You can check out what they have so far at the 50:33 mark in the above video. During the demonstration, they showed the Regalia getting stuck, so there will be some more work to do on it until it’s released.


Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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