Final Fantasy XV-Inspired Indie Developer Of Lost Soul Aside Shares New Screenshot And Artwork



One-man Chinese indie videogame developer Yang Bing made waves in the gaming community last month when he revealed the trailer for his game, Lost Soul Aside, which he created single-handedly. Soon after, he became bombarded with contacts from big-name publishers, extending offers to help him finish his game. However, in a few recent posts, Yang Bing described his indecision in regards to accepting any of the offers, saying the following in a Facebook post:


“I have thought that the reason I want to refuse their offer is the fear of tough life. But after talking with many of you I realized that the real reason is the fear of sharing my world.”


He went on to explain that his initial plan was to work on Lost Soul Aside’s world “little by little for maybe 10 years,” and that accepting any commercial offer would threaten to “take my world away from me.”


However, in that same post, Yang Bing did reveal that he has decided to take the opportunity and accept help from a publisher, ending with the following statement:


“Thank you everyone.I’ll try not to disappoint your expect and mine.It will be tough but I’d like to try.It was for myself but I’m glad to bring it to you now. Thank you again.”


In addition to all of that, Yang Bing also shared a new screenshot inspired by Onimusha, which he cites as being one of his favorite games, as well as a look at some new artwork.