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Final Fantasy XV May Have Female Party Members As Guests



Final Fantasy Type-0 released not too long ago, along with a demo for Final Fantasy XV. In this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, director Hajime Tabata discussed some of the survey results from fans that have gotten to play the Episode Duscae demo. [Thanks, Hachima]


For starters, in the survey, there were quite a few who suggested that they’d like to see a female character join the party.


“There’s a chance that we may have female characters participate as guests in the party,” said Tabata. “Since [the party] is made up of only men, you might even get to see their behavior change when there’s a lady around.”


As far as the battle system goes, there was actually a lot of input from fans who’d like to see further improvements.


“The demo’s battle system is at around 50% in terms of progress [relative to being completed in the full version],” the director responded. “We’d like to thoroughly respond to the improvement requests. The full version will feature new elements such as magic and cooperative chains, so I believe it will be completely different.”


Tabata also talked a little bit about the “part destruction” feature for monsters that they originally planned on implementing; however, due to high hurdles, they have no plans on including it for the time being.


He also mentioned that Ramuh has special specifications for the demo, and they will make improvements as far as its system goes in the full version of the game.


Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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