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Final Fantasy XV Screens Detail Its Realistic Foods, Lodgings, Chocobos, And More



Square Enix has provided the latest screenshots for Final Fantasy XV, with plenty of details on equipment, Link Attacks, the different types of lodging, a look at Ignis’ cooked meals, and our favorite Chocobos.





The “Equipment” part of the main menu lets you set the four weapons used in battle, along with three accessories that come with various effects.


Equipment: Party


The Equipment menu also allows you to change equipment of Noctis’ allies that will support him during the journey. Battle strategies will greatly vary depending on your party’s equipment, weapons, and commands.


The “Command” option that you can use is different for each character. They come in different varieties such as attack-type, support-type, and more. The key to victory is using them accordingly to different enemies and situations.




Allies can equip main weapons and sub-weapons. The weapons and sub-weapons are set to certain categories. Commands are also set in this menu.


Links That Change With Noctis’ Equipment

006 005 007

The cooperative Link Attacks occur automatically with party members in battle. These vary depending on Noctis’ weapon-type. The above example shows Noctis equipped with a Great Sword and activating a Link Attack with Prompto. This one shows Prompto passing Noctis his gun while Noctis tosses his Great Sword to Prompto for a cooperative attack dealing massive damage.


Links That Change With Party Equipment


Link Attacks also change in variety depending on the type of weapon equipped by party members. The above example show Gladiolus equipped with a shield for his sub-weapon. This Link Attack wouldn’t be possible if equipped with only a Great Sword. It shows Gladio jumping off Noctis’ back which follows with a heavy shield hit on the enemy.


The Three Types of Lodging

Noctis and friends will take advantage of the different kinds of lodging during their adventure to rest and also for growth. There are three types of lodging options with the “Camp,” “Trailer House,” and “inn.” Let’s take a look at the three and how they work.


009 010

  • Camps: You can only use Camps in places called “Marks” that are safe areas where monsters don’t approach. You can rest and eat here. The plus side is that you can lodge for free and also eat meals cooked by Ignis for buffs. The downside is that you’ll need ingredients for the meals.




  • Trailer Houses: Trailer Houses are public lodging homes found in different parts across the world. The plus side for these is that they’re relatively cheap. Again, what sets these apart from the other lodging options is that each one comes with their own types of bonuses. The downside to these is that you can’t eat cooked food here, so no buffs from that.


013 014

  • Inns: Inns are lodging places that are located in different parts around the world. They range from common motels to super classy resort, and they have all kinds of variety. The plus side is that you can get huge bonuses that come in handy during the adventure. The minus is that they’re relatively expensive, and you also can’t eat cooked meals, meaning no buffs.


Ignis’ Home Cooking


Ignis’ home cooking can only be done while resting at Camps, and their looks and taste are considered that of a top-class chef’s. After a rough day of battles against tough enemies, nothing beats Ignis’ delicious home-cooked meals, and they’re crucial to have in your adventure. By eating the meals, you’ll get all kinds of different status increases, or buffs.



017 015

The ingredients such as meat and vegetables are acquired in battle and exploring the fields. By finding new ingredients, Ignis can learn new recipes. Again, you can also feed Chocobos as well, and it’ll help increase their level.


Here are some delicious-looking examples of Ignis’ cooking:






You’ll catch Ignis pondering what he should cook, and he picks whatever the player chooses.


Meals from Hotels and Diners



There are special foods that you can only taste from various hotels and diners around the world. These include foods that aren’t available even from Ignis’ recipe lineup, so they’ll definitely be worth checking out.


About Chocobos


“Chocobos” are big yellow birds that live and are bred in the world. Their cute appearances are popular with the players, and you can even ride on it to travel the world at faster speeds than you can while on feet. Again, after meeting certain requirements in the game, you’ll get to rent Chocobos. In order to rent one, you’ll need to swing by a “Chocobo Ticket vendor,” pay money for the number of days you’d like to rent it, and get a “Chocobo Flute” item.



They can jump high just as well as drift around corners.




You’ll get to travel across vast fields with your party on Chocobos.



The “Chocobo Ticket Vendor” is where you get the Chocobo Flutes.



And the “Chocobo Post” is where you’ll find numerous Chocobos for breeding.


Final Fantasy XV will release worldwide on September 30, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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