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Final Fantasy XV Summarizes Its Gameplay, Weapon Variety, And Battle Actions



Following all the E3 info we got on Final Fantasy XV last week, Square Enix shared more with a detailed summary on gameplay for story and exploration, weapon choices, and various battle actions.





In the world of Final Fantasy XV there are big creatures known as “Astrals.” By demonstrating your own powers, you can get Astrals to help you out. Above is a look at the Astral Titan. We can see him holding a giant rock on his back, and they say that he’s living somewhere quietly in the world. However, after the Niflheim army attacks, you’ll find yourself in an intense situation facing both the Niflheim soldiers and Titan going wild.



While exploring the vast open world, you’ll come across various quests that are indicated on the map.



As you take on the main quest, the story advances.




You can choose to go straight into the next story parts or go around taking sub-quests from various parts of the land.



Time and weather changews in real-time in this world. Since it’s dangerous out at night, when the sun sets you’ll get to rest at the camp. Here, you can get the calculation of acquired experience points from the day, and level up.



Meals provide status ups. Depending on the menu, the effects will vary, so you’ll get to try out all kinds of different things.



Transportation methods in the vast world include walking, car, Chocobo, ship, and many other methods.


The Lucis family can exclusively use a warp move called “Shift,” allowing them to freely move around in battle. Shift uses up MP.




Map Shift allows you to teleport to the location you throw a weapon. Areas that you can Shift to are indicated by an icon, and you’ll get to warp there by the press of a button. When escaping to higher areas, you can take a breather from the battle to recover HP and MP.




The Shift Break allows you to warp onto a locked-on target and set up an attack. This allows you to lock-on to faraway targets and Shift Break for massive damage. The further away they are, the more damage they take from it.


You can activate Assault (Attack) by the press of a button. The battle system will have you participate in speedy fights while switching through weapons in real-time.


Assault is done by holding down a button for auto-attacks. You can set a variety of weapons and switch through them in battle by using the D-pad. There are dozens of different weapon types, which you can switch up to go with the situation. They say that there are still some mysterious weapons that have yet to be revealed.


Here’s a look at the weapons:



Single-Handed Sword: Using speedy movements, you can hit enemies with multiple hits. With its smaller size and speed, it’s a weapon that’s exceptionally easy to use.



Great Sword: A sword that comes with heavy weight. Due to its size it’s ore on the slower end, but you can sweep out multiple enemies with a single attack while dealing heavy damage.



Daggers: Dual-wield daggers to damage enemies with speedy attacks. These don’t hit as hard as other weapons, but you’ll get to move around swiftly to land multiple hits as you dance around enemies.



Spear: Use a sharp and long spear to thrust enemies for damage. A spear attack with Shift Break boasts power that will make you feel like a Dragoon.



Shield: You can equip this together with the Single-Handed Sword. By equipping a shield, you can throw enemies off balance by guarding the moment they attack.



Magic: In this game, magic, such as “Fire,” is handled as a “weapon.” You can throw the sphere-shaped weapon towards enemies to activate magic.



Phantom/Shuriken: You can equip a large shuriken for both hands. It’s a useful weapon that deal damage to enemies from a distance, but these attacks consume MP.


Next is a look at some more on battle with information on Guard Mode, Evade, Dodge Roll, Parry, and more.



Guard: By holding down the guard button, Guard Mode automatically activates. While defending against heavy hits, you might still take damage.



Evade: After acquiring the “Evade” ability, you’ll be able to automatically perform evasive maneuvers while in Guard Mode (consumes MP). Again, by timing an evasion the moment an enemy attacks, you’ll dodge and it won’t cost you any MP as part of the “Just Guard.”



Dodge Roll: By quickly tapping the guard button, you can activate a Dodge Roll that basically allows you to evade while rolling forward.




Parry: After a successful guard, you’ll occasionally get an indicator showing that you can “Parry.” If you can time the input correctly, a powerful counterattack can be performed, giving you a chance to land heavy damage.


There are various situations where you can cooperate with allies to activate a “Link.”





Link Attack: A Link Attack is activated after performing a parry (counter). By successfully inputting a “Parry Counter,” you can have an ally join in with a cooperative attack as part of a “Link Attack.” There are many conditions that will allow you to activate Link Attacks.




Back Attack Link: Can activate when attacking an enemy from behind. This does x1.5 the amount of damage, and is done by hitting enemies from behind. When successful, an ally can join in on the attack for a “Back Attack Link,” adding more more damage.


Final Fantasy XV’s battle uses “Assault” and “Guard” as the basis, and those lead up to various actions in the field. Assault and Guard can be performed automatically by holding down a button, so even those that aren’t the best at action games can enjoy. Again, there are all kinds of special attacks that players will get to activate at their own will, adding to the flashy and exciting battles.


Final Fantasy XV will release on September 30, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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