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Final Fantasy XV Tidbits From The April Active Time Report



Square Enix held their latest Active Time Report live stream for Final Fantasy XV. Here’s a look at some key notes on the topics that were discussed.


The below is a look at some of the key notes from the event:


  • No new details were shared in this live stream about the game itself, as the aim was to have a little recap and talk about other things on the side.


  • It won’t be necessary to watch the Final Fantasy XV anime or Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV to enjoy the game.


  • Square Enix says that pre-orders in Japan are going better than expected.


  • Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will premiere in Japanese theaters starting July 9, 2016. Ticket sales start on April 23.


  • The Final Fantasy XV app Justice Monsters V will launch on Android next week. The iOS version will launch in June and the Windows 10 version sometime this summer.


  • Over 90,000 people have already registered for Justice Monsters V.


  • Square Enix will producer 10,000 more copies for Final Fantasy XV’s Ultimate Collector’s Edition worldwide, and they mentioned that they’ll do their best to make sure the second batch won’t be delayed.


  • Next major information on Final Fantasy XV will be revealed during an Active Time Report at E3.


  • Final Fantasy XV will have a New Game+ mode.


Final Fantasy XV will release worldwide on September 30, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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