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Final Fantasy XV: Tons Of Details From Jump Festa [Update]



    Final Fantasy XV fans have finally got what they’ve been waiting for, as Square Enix shared the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XV on the first day of Jump Festa 2015 in Japan. Game Jouhou shares what went on during the presentation with a beefy summary of the event. Below is our translation.


    • The giant monster shown at the end of the trailer is indeed Titan.


    • Summoned Beasts can be acquired after fighting them, and there are various other conditions for acquiring them as well.


    • Titan will play a big role in the story, but the demo won’t include him in. It will instead add another Summoned Beast that is not a big part of the story. You’ll get to summon this Beast, and it is said that it will be a dynamic one that will surprise players.


    • The giant size of Titan seen in the trailer is how he’ll look when you summon him yourself.


    • The town in the trailer is shown in a seamless fashion; however, at the current stage, Square Enix can’t say for sure whether the entire game will be seamless. Again, they say that they’re doing their best to make it all seamless, but important scenes will likely require some loading. The demo, however, will be completely seamless.


    • The town shown is called “Lestarg” and it plays an important role in the story surrounding Titan. While big, it is not one of the largest towns in the game, and won’t be in the demo. There’s a hotel where you’ll get to rest, eat, and shop, along with all kinds of other events.


    • General Cor Leonis will join you and fight in the party. there are some party members that will join as temporary guests, and Cor is one of them. He’s not a friend of Noctis and the others, but an aide to his father. He’ll be there to look out for Noctis and Co.


    • If you go a while without sleeping, the stat boosts you get from foods and such will lose their effect.


    • The sleep element has been added to further emphasize that these characters are living people, so they’ll need to get rest just like any normal human. You can eat meals at camp for extra status effects.


    • You’ll need to take a breather in order to level up. So basically, if you don’t rest at a camping area, you won’t level up. This will make it possible for people to challenge themselves at beating the game at a low level.


    • You can go three days without sleeping, but any longer than that and you’ll begin to see negative effects.


    • One day in Final Fantasy XV is the equivalent of a real-life hour, so a day lasts for about 40 to 45 minutes, and the rest is night. This bit is currently in development, so it’s subject to change.


    • There will be moments where you’ll need to go on fighting for days at a time.


    • There are also trains to travel inside, and these will have their own spaces within them. You’ll travel by train at times, and can freely walk around inside when you do.


    • Cindy (or Cidney in Japanese) doesn’t have much to do with the story, but she’s a mechanic who’ll talk to you about gameplay. While we still don’t know exactly what kind of mechanic she is, she’ll appear in the demo. Square Enix’s male staff members have been putting a lot of effort into creating her.


    • At the moment, Square Enix are working on adding more action varieties, and they feel that magic isn’t looking too impressive, so they’re not showing it. They need to work on it, but they’ll do that after they’re done with the Summoned Beasts.


    • At first, they decided on only having Noctis use magic, but they felt that it wouldn’t be as fun gameplay wise, so they’re changing it up a bit so that everyone in the party can use magic.


    • Square are adding various languages for the demo version that will release around the world, but due to the heavy amount of content and problems in schedule, Square Enix can’t say for sure whether they’ll all be included in the initial release.


    • Insomnia is the capital of the Kingdom of Lucis, where Noctis is the prince of. This is where a ceremonial signing will take place.


    • Square Enix prepared all kinds of scenes for the latest trailer, but since they didn’t use them all, map director Yasuyuki Matsunami got pretty upset. Tabata justified his reason by saying that trailers can be made in two ways: to advertise or show the state of development. They showed Behemoth and weathers in the previous trailers, and Tabata says this was put together in a rush. As for Jump Festa 2015, the focus was advertising, which was done by the editing studio, and not in cooperation with the development staff. For this reason, they weren’t able to include all the scenes that were requested by staff.


    • Some of the omitted scenes were shown separately at the event, including one that highlighted Cindy, and another with town exploration.


    • There was a much older version of the town, but the latest version had a lot more going on that was shown in the trailer when you see Noctis and friends cruising in there. The full-release version will look nicer, and will have more people walking around. If you go near them, you’ll also get to hear them speaking.


    • You can purchase ingredients to cook at camp. By eating those foods, you’ll gain positive effects. By properly sleeping, you’ll maintain its effects.


    • The part that shows the dog peeing [in the footage with town exploration], in the back, they show a part that will play a big role in the game’s story.


    • Tabata jokingly said that he’ll introduce more on the dog if the demand is high enough.


    Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


    Update: Certain parts of the source info appear to have been updated, and we’ve updated our translation, too.

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