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Final Fantasy XV Will Get Four New Episodes Through 2019 To “Complete The FFXV Universe”



Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition earlier this month and they’re releasing Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition next month, but they still have a lot of work ahead of them with four new episodes planned through 2019 and a final goal of completing the “Final Fantasy XV Universe.”


Below are some highlights for the additional content Square Enix is working on, starting with the interview from 4Gamer:


  • According to a user survey, the satisfactory rating of Final Fantasy XV’s general scenario was 62.4%. When asked if that means we can expect to see even more satisfactory content for the DLC that is expected to release in 2018, director Hajime Tabata said that they won’t be able to fit it all in 2018.


  • The reason for this is because he felt it was necessary to secure the appropriate amount of development time without having to focus on releasing it all within 2018. Tabata said that at first the plan was to have everything done by 2018, but in order to face the satisfied 62.4% and wrap up Final Fantasy XV, they’ll need more time to do so without being restricted with a 2018 window.


  • Episode: Ignis director Takeshi Terada added that the next set of DLC is being developed with the completion of the “Final Fantasy XV Universe (main game and related works)” in mind. That said, Square Enix is working on the new DLC episodes as an “additional series” rather than “additional content.” More details on that will be shared later.


Here are more notes on upcoming new content from the interview with Famitsu:

  • Tabata believes the current active players are no longer looking for any holes that need to be filled for the main volume, but as a creator he feels that Final Fantasy XV can’t be completed as it is now. He is thinking of a new kind of development that will see its episodes delivered differently from the ones we’ve already seen.



  • The first new episode that will be released is Episode: Ardyn which is the most requested by fans according to the user survey. As mentioned in a previous Active Time Report broadcast, there might even be an episode for Lunafreya.


  • While it was previously announced as three more DLC episodes, Tabata confirmed that Square Enix has decided to work on four episodes that will release through 2018-19.


  • Terada shared a little teaser: “We’d like to see the characters get more love [from fans] for the next additional scenarios. They say that many people cried with Episode: Ignis, so I want to deliver an episode that can bring some smiles for the next one.”


Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on March 6, 2018. You can read more about the team’s goals for Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition in our previous report. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is available on iOS and

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