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Final Fantasy XV’s Action Will Feel More Realistic Than Kingdom Hearts But Still Speedy



We recently heard the latest on Final Fantasy XV’s development from producer Hajime Tabta during the Paris Games Festival, and he shared more in an interview with Finaland, where he talked a little more about the game’s battles and the car Noctis and Co. will ride around in.



As far as the action goes, Tabata explains that Final Fantasy XV has inherited things from the Kingdom Hearts series, ever since game was still known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The big difference between  tje two games is that Square are trying to bring a more realistic quality to Final Fantasy XV, based on actions anyone could accomplish.


The goal is to maintain a strong link to reality by having a certain realistic weight or feel during fights. This goal has been reached by modifying and improving the system from Kingdom Hearts. That said, Tabata assures that Final Fantasy XV will still be a speedy game, despite this focus on realism.


When asked whether players get to customize the car in the game, Tabata said that we will indeed get to do so. He also added that while it won’t play an important role in the story, he considers the car to be the fifth companion of Noctis and his friends.


Finally, when asked about an airship, Tabata replies that this is something that will be revealed later in the story, so he can’t provide an answer for the time being.


Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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