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Final Fantasy XV’s Out-Of-Bounds Glitch Shows Scrapped Or Unused Areas



We’ve seen a bunch of humorous and sometimes strange glitches in Final Fantasy XV, but recent video takes us out-of-bounds for a look at a bunch of areas that weren’t actually included in the game. [Thanks, Fotm Hero.]


The footage is pretty long with over an hour of exploration, so here’s the timestamp for all the areas that are explored;


  • 0:00 : Cartanica
  • 12:33 : 3 kilometers before Cartanica station
  • 16:34 : 5 kilometers before Cartanica station (African Savannah looking area)
  • 24:32 : Eusciello (snowy area)
  • 39:30 : Area where Prompto falls from the train
  • 50:56 : Pagla, area where Noct is having a conversation with Ignis on the phone while being on top of the train
  • 56:05 : Tenebrae


Basically, what is shown in the video is the player goes through the game’s barriers to fully explore its massive world that weren’t used in the game. Some of the areas are just so large that you could imagine why they weren’t able to fit it all in on time for the full release of the game without suffering more delays.


The areas in the video weren’t used in the main game, but there’s also a chance that we might see some of these places become accessible in future DLCs that are currently in the works.


Final Fantasy XV is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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