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Final Fantasy XV’s Debugs And Localization Work Are What’s Making The Wait A Little Longer



Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata had more to share about the game by revealing their collaboration with Just Cause developers Avalanche Studio. He also shared more about the game’s release and its current development status in the interview with Famitsu.


In the interview Famitsu talked about their recent Active Time Report, and mentioned how Tabata also talked about a release window.


“Yes. It’s practically been decided on a release date that won’t keep you guys waiting until 2017, and judging by the current development condition, it looks like it’ll stay that way.”


Famitsu then mentions that we’ve seen a lot of efforts from Square Enix’s part on Final Fantasy XV. We got to see a demo, which also got a version up, and also a tech demo. They ask if all that extra work on the side is having an effect in the development on the main game.


“To you the truth, we’ve been clenching our teeth while treading the fine line as far as that goes,” says Tabata. “It’s an HD game, so we can’t easily just go around making all kinds of new things for it, but we’ve been working with a schedule where things that we say ‘let’s do it’ today will get implemented months later, but the planning is being managed properly.


Next, Famitsu asks about the current development status of Final Fantasy XV.


“It’s at about 65% to 70%,” responds Tabata. “We’d like to release the Western version as close as possible during the same period, and there’s a lot more work than usual sandwiched between now and the release date. We’re working on debugs and also localizaton at the same time, so for that reason we’re taking a little longer. With that in mind, I say 65 to 75%, but if we’re talking development for the game itself, it’s actually a little further than that.


Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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