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Final Fantasy XV’s Leviathan Revealed To Be Female, And Concept Art Details



In today’s Active Time Report held at PAX Prime 2015, Square Enix and director Hajime Tabata went over some of the concept art for Final Fantasy XV.



During the Active Time Report, Hajime Tabata shared some details on the game’s concept art. The top is the Hammerheard, where you meet Cindy. It’s based off the shark, as the Final Fantasy XV developers are actually quite fond of them. It was hinted that the owner is a an engineer that everyone who plays Final Fantasy will be familiar with.


As for the town shown on the bottom, it’s a look at Lestallum a city whose power is generated by Meteor via a large structure.



The above shows a little of the concept art of the many areas you’ll get to check out in the game.



Noctis’ father is the owner of Regalia. While Final Fantasy XV will have a theme of bond between friends, it will also show the bond between father and son with Noctis and his father.


In FFXV, Eidolons are smarter and have more personality, as well as playing vital roles into the story.



FFXV’s Leviathan was revealed to be female, which is pretty interesting as Square Enix don’t often go into genders as far as Primals and Summoned Beasts go. Eidolons were also involved in the creation of the world in FFXV, with some concept art showcasing that:



We also get to see one of the more recognizable ones in Ramuh in the artwork.



Lunafreya is shown fleeing a town after it got invaded. More information concerning Luna will be revealed at TGS. For now, Tabata says that she’s a strong woman, and we’ll learn more about her soon.



Caim a small oupost near the ocean. Noctis and his group will arrive in Caim, then get in a boat and travel across the ocean to Altissia, a city modeled after Venice, Italy, on the continent Accordo. Boat travel will be seamless. It will be a one-way trip, but Tabata says that it’ll be a beautiful sequence that you’ll get to enjoy.