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Final Fantasy’s Bahamut is the Bullet Bill of Chocobo GP

Final Fantasy's Bahamut is the Bullet Bill of Chocobo GP

In Chocobo GP, racers will snag Eggs filled with Magicite power ups to give them an edge during the race, and Final Fantasy’s Bahamut will be among them. In the latest update, it detailed exactly how the summon will work. Should someone end up getting the character from one of these eggs, he’ll behave the way the Bullet Bill power up works in the Mario Kart series.

To help explain the comparison, Bahamut from Final Fantasy is something of an autopilot power up in Chocobo GP. This is exactly how Bullet Bill works in Mario Kart. Once a player in either game gets and uses the ability, there is a burst of speed, other racers’ attacks can’t hurt them, they can knock other drivers out of the way, and an autopilot function kicks in.

More Chocobo GP details keep appearing ahead of its launch. For example, tracks inspired by FFVII‘s Gold Saucer and FFXI‘s Alexandria appeared.

Chocobo GP will appear on the Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 10, 2022. There will be a paid version and free Lite one.

Jenni Lada
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