The Final Station Will Bring Post-Apocalyptic Survival On A Train


Indie publisher tinyBuild has announced a new post-apocalyptic survival game by developers Oleg Sergeyev and Andrey Rumak called The Final Station. It’s expected to launch this summer on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


The idea is to survive for as long as you can while attempting to fuel a locomotive through the infected wastelands. It’s up to you whether you let survivors board your train, bringing new perks to your team, or leave them be – “sometimes people can be more trouble than they’re worth,” warns the game’s description.

What will be constant through every playthrough is needing to stop to refuel and find supplies and it’s at these times that you’re most vulnerable. You’ll need explore 2D environments armed with weapons to take out the infected that will attempt to stop you.


When back on board you’ll be able to put those supplies in good use as you monitor the train’s various systems as depicted in a panel of gauges and dials. You’ll also need to plan your route across the landscape on a map of the railway and make sure to stop off at unvisited places in the hopes of finding more supplies.

Chris Priestman