This Life-Size Psyduck Poke Plush Can Be Yours Later This Year for Just $280

Psyduck Poke Plush Pokemon

Psyduck has to be one of the most unfortunate Pokemon out there with its constant headache going on, but you’ll get to show it some love when the official life-size Psyduck Poke Plush releases later this year.

Psyduck Poke Plush Pokemon

The life-size Psyduck plush matches the Pokemon’s height in the Pokédex at 31 inches (2’07” or 0.8m). It measures 30 x 31.5 x 21.3 inches or 54×76×80 cm. The actual Psyduck weights 43.2 lbs/19.6kg but thankfully the plush only weighs 9 lbs/4kg.

The plush comes complete with Psyduck’s perpetually confused expression that certainly brings out its personality. Get a closer look at the Psyduck Poke Plush in its full glory in the images below:

Psyduck Poke Plush Pokemon

The Pokemon Center suggests that it would make an eye-catching decoration in any room or office. I personally think it would make for a perfect entryway centerpiece, but you can’t go wrong with a Psyduck shrine in the middle of your apartment. Now, if you’re not about the decor, you might be wondering what good would this life-size Psyduck be for you—the Pokemon Center has our backs again with the suggestion of sending it into a pretend Pokemon battle. It also suggests posting the Psyduck plush somewhere “within sight so it can keep you smiling”. But is that really you smiling or…?

The only thing that might actually give you a headache about the life-size Psyduck plush is its high price of $280. In Japan, the plush will go for 30,800 yen and ship out starting October 2020. Pre-orders are now available in Japan here. Pre-orders are also available in the West at the Pokemon Center online shop for $279.99.  Shipments will begin sometime in late 2020 in the West.

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