Nintendo 3DS

Finally! A Swimsuit That Actually Does Something Other Than Look Pretty


While we’re all very used to the idea of seeing gratuitous swimsuit usage, it’s always with a sigh of relief when we get to see the occasional times it’s actually got a use other than for fanservice. Like these One Piece Unlimited World: Red DLC costumes.


Sure, Robin and Nami look great in them, but they also confer special stats when worn, which actually make sense… kind of. Wearing them confers a 50% reduction to water damage, but since they’re prancing about in their swim gear, also lowers overall hit points by 15%. Who wears armored swimsuits anyway, right? And Chopper looks so adorable with his float!


The costumes all cost 400 yen each  ($4) and are available now, with each conferring different benefits. The school girl wear for instance lets both the lovely lasses get 10% SP recovery rate on their attacks, while Zoro, being the badass that he is, deals 20% more damage to, quite literally “the small fry”. He slices, he dices, and he looks swag.