Find Love During A Study Trip To Japan In Visual Novel Tokyo School Life



Dogenzaka Lab has published Japanese studio M2 Co.’s visual novel Tokyo School Life on Steam for Windows at the price of $14.99 (discounted during its launch week to $12.74).


You play as a boy ends up staying with three girls during a short-term study trip to Japan. While you don’t make a good first impression, you soon settle into life with the girls, and reckon that by your two months are up you may have found love.



Tokyo School Life has full Japanese voice acting for the girls and subtitles come in English, Japanese, hiragana, and romaji.


M2 Co. uses its own E-mote software to bring a 3D feel to the 2D illustrations to help the girls express their emotions. The game has also been developed in M2 Co.’s own visual novel game engine Kaleido ADV Workshop.

Chris Priestman