Find Love After Getting Dragged Into The RPG World Of Ascendant Hearts


Hayato, despite a little amnesia, may still find a bit of romance with his party members in Ascendant Hearts, a visual novel about a regular guy awakening in an RPG world.


The real world is a little bit different for Hayato, being more like the RPGs he loves to play. Here, he’ll find himself mixed up with a helpful mage, Shiori, who does her best to guide him through his new life of fetch quests, skill points, and respawns. He’ll have to learn to manage these quickly, though, as the town of Lightshire is under attack from monsters who do mean to kill the heroic pair and their fellow party members.

As players work through Lightshire’s troubles and Ascendant Hearts’ many jokes about RPGs and MMORPGs, they’ll be able to get closer to three romance options, depending on decisions they make. These all lead to their own ending, depending on which of Hayato’s party members the player likes the most.


Ascendant Hearts is available now on Steam.

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