Find A Missing Person With Their Mobile Phone In This Android Game



Sarah is Missing has players poring over the various texts, images, videos, emails, and calls on a missing woman’s mobile phone, trying to use all of this information to piece together why she has vanished.




By going through her files, players will be able to find passwords and other means of discovering encrypted data to find the woman. As they search, they’ll receive messages and calls from other people, possibly from helpful NPCs or from more dangerous forces that may be watching your progress.


Depending on the player’s actions and what they discover, they’ll uncover hidden plot lines and head toward several different outcomes. If they become stuck along the way, the game does feature a hint system using a simulated helper.




Sarah is Missing is available through and the Google Play store.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!