Finding Someone To Love In Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories




As in all Harvest Moon games, love is all around in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. There are no rivals for affections. You’re guaranteed the complete and undivided attention of the five bachelors and five bachelorettes. Also, players are fortunate enough to find most of their intendeds are homebodies.


Each of the romantic events are tied to the Memories system within Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. This means you have a hint as to what could come by checking the menu, as you can see the titles before they unlock. It also means you get a reward for participating in the event.


So far, I’ve bounced back and forth between Gareth and Luke, romancing both men at once. In so doing, I’ve learned that plenty of events for any romantic candidate happen either at their home, place of business, or Luke’s bar. In fact, that’s how I ended up accidentally triggering one of Gareth’s romantic events. I walked into Luke’s bar, hoping to catch one of his, and I found Gareth telling fortunes. I stumbled into one of Emily’s and Hunter’s events each in the same way, by visiting their businesses during daily chores.




It’s quite efficient, though Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories’ size surely plays a part in these easy to unlock events. There aren’t that many places in the game to visit. The town covers a single screen, after all. It isn’t like in previous games, where you could be in specific areas or regions. People’s schedules aren’t so varied. They’re at home, work, or the bar. You don’t need to hunt your prey down for the one, one and a half, two and a half, and three note events. Though, for the final event, check your homestead. People like to stop by the farm for that last one.


Buying their affection is relatively easy too. All romanceable characters are fine with foraged items. Give them a flower, fruit, bamboo, or mushroom from the mountain, and you’ll be fine. The only exception is Andrea, who didn’t seem to like it when I offered her one of the “it was lying on the ground so I grabbed it” apples. But everyone else is more than happy to take things you’ve found on your travels, meaning you’ll boost relationships with them in no time.


Participating in events is great for building a relationship. I was married by the Fall, so I can’t tell you how other events go, but giving any flower to your favored person during the Spring 10 Flower Festival will give you a half of a music note as a reward. Inviting someone to the Summer 12 Fireworks Festival nets you another half of a music note. Considering you only need at least three music notes to get married, that adds up pretty quick.




As for marriage itself, it isn’t at all difficult to accomplish. You need to have seen all four of their memory events, have a three note or higher relationship, and acquired the 400,000 gold house upgrade. The Harvest Goddess will automatically give you a Blue Feather. Go to the person you like, and you can ask him or her to marry you. You don’t even have to give them the feather. A week later, you’ll be married.


Let me leave you with a note. There is currently a bug in the game that allows same sex marriages. However, it seems to be a bug, rather than an intentional gameplay element, as marrying someone whose gender matches your avatar will result in your spouse calling you by the opposite gender’s pronouns. Also, male avatars can get pregnant under certain, specific circumstances in this situation.


Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is immediately available for Apple iOS devices. It will eventually come to Android devices and the Nintendo Wii U.

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