Finger Derpy Is Probably The Most Ridiculous Horse Racing Game Ever Made


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Mommy’s Best Games is known for taking the already over-the-top Serious Sam series to new levels of ridiculousness with the “Gunstacker” in Serious Sam Double D. Now the studio is giving horse racing the same treatment.


Recently announced by the studio is Finger Derpy for iOS and Android. In it, you control a horse by steering its left and right hooves independently – tapping a button for each. This means that if your taps go out of sync the horse will start spinning as it tries to move forward in a drunk-like stupor.


So, you have to manage this clumsy horse while also trying to dodge barrels, spotlights, turtles, cars, drums, and other random objects. Plus, the game’s main single-player mode has you running endlessly from the finish line, trying to get as far as possible. It won’t be easy. I’d say that this is the QWOP of horse racing but the creator of QWOP already made CLOP.



Anyway, as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new horse breeds that each have unique abilities, such as slowing time or smashing through obstacles. You can also customize the names, colors, and jersey silk styles of your horses if you want.


You can find out more about Finger Derpy on its website.

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