Fire Emblem Art Special To Be Included With Next Nintendo Dream Magazine



With Fire Emblem If releasing next month in Japan, the upcoming issue of Japan’s Nintendo Dream magazine will be a special edition feature on the series, and fans might want to pick the issue up to get their hands on some artwork from the series as well.



Back in the August 2010 issue of Nintendo Dream, fans were treated to some artwork from the series as part of a celebration of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem’s anniversary. This is being done once more with the magazine’s next issue.



The magazine publishers revealed that their July issue (releasing on May 21st) will be a “Fire Emblem Artwork Selection 2” issue, and it will feature 40 extra pages, including pages on Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem If, for a total of 132 pages.


There will be various information on the series throughout the celebratory pages, with details on catch phrases, which titles are currently available to play through the Virtual Console, and more.



Titles from the previous Fire Emblem special issue will be present, too, and will have newly added illustrations.



Fire Emblem Awakening will be one of the featured titles, with plenty of extra illustrations on the characters from the game. While there won’t be many, there will be a few illustrations from Fire Emblem If as well.


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One of the fan-favorite characters, Marth, will also be one of the features in the magazine, with a feature spread on his various appearances, and a papercraft figure as a bonus.


You can order the magazine on various websites on the Internet, such as Yesasia for those of you in North America,  and here for those of you not living in the United States and Canada.

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