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Fire Emblem Fate’s Face Touching Still Exists, But For A Different Feature



Recently, there has been ongoing controversy regarding the removal of a face-touching minigame from the western versions of Fire Emblem Fates. [Thanks, Nintendo Everything.]


In an earlier post from last week, we reported that the feature had been removed, but the dialogue and the ability to increase the support rank between characters remained intact. However, we are now learning that the face-touching feature still exists in the western version, albeit under certain conditions.


The touching aspect still exists, but it’s for something different from the “skinship” feature. This touch feature, which was also in the Japanese version of the game, is used to “wake up” your marriage partner by rubbing their faces or a poke on the 3DS touchscreen, or you can also use the 3DS microphone to remove steam after they’ve finished taking a bath.


This information comes from a recent episode of GameSpot’s “The Lobby,” which you can watch below. The Fire Emblem Fates potion in which they discuss the feature starts around the 43:00 mark.


Fire Emblem Fates will release in North America for the 3DS on February 19th.