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Fire Emblem Fates Gets Its Boo Camp And Beach Brawl DLC



The first two paid pieces of DLC are now available for Fire Emblem Fates. Nintendo has released Beach Brawl and Boo Camp, two maps that cost $2.49 each. One is a rather straightforward means of gathering additional experience for your characters, while the other offers a lighthearted side story with special character illustrations.


Fire Emblem Fates’  Beach Brawl is the story-match. The eight siblings from both Hoshido and Nohr are competing to see who deserves a ticket to go on a beach vacation Corrin has offered all of them. Each one has reasons and excuses for not wanting or being able to go. In this match, you decide on a team, either Hoshido or Nohr, then choose which of the siblings from that group you’d like to see take a vacation. You’ll then be entered into a battle where you fight using that sibling and his or her two retainers.




These versions of Xander, Ryoma, Camilla, Hinoka, Leo, Takumi, Elise, and Sakura and their retainers aren’t based on the characters you’re using in your game, so levels and skills are predetermined. In the case of Xander’s side, he’s a level 5 Paladin with a stick, umbrella, and Dracoshield. He’s accompanied by a level 3 Hero version of Laslow with an umbrella, bone axe, and Allegro Harp and level 3 Great Knight Peri with a bottle, Raider Axe, and Azura’s salve. They all have A-level supports with each other. Keep your group together, make use of the items you earn from beating enemies, and you should be fine. When you win, you’ll get to see the sibling you chose in a swimsuit on a beach, engaged in vacation activities.


Boo Camp is a standard experience map, much like Fire Emblem Awakening’s EXPonential Growth. You can bring 12 units into this battle, There are 10 enemies on the map at the start, standard (green) and promoted (yellow) Faceless. After the first turn, one of the tombstones on the map will spawn additional Faceless and Golems after each turn. I was able to beat the map in 5 turns, with my over-leveled Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation party. In terms of experience, the standard Faceless give the least and Golems and high level promoted Faceless the most.


To get the new Fire Emblem Fates DLC, head to the Dragon’s Gate from the world map in a save file. You can purchase them separately there. If you purchased the Map Pack 1, choose to Purchase Content. The game will say an update is available for content that you have previously downloaded. Choose to update, and then Beach Brawl and Boo Camp will be added to your game.


Fire Emblem Fates is immediately available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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