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Fire Emblem Fates’ Realms Collide Has You Help Nohrian Kids Escape



    Fire Emblem Fates’ latest DLC series is in the midst of its Heirs of Fate series. In the first installment, Kana, Kiragi, Hisame, Selkie, and Mitama meet. Each one of their parents was assaulted by a foreign army on the day the children were coming from their Deep Realms to their home world, and encouraged the kids to run. After a brief crisis of faith, Kana and Kiragi come up with the resolve to save their parents and properly use the Noble Yato and Fujin Yumi, legendary weapons left to them by their parents.


    Realms Collide, Fire Emblem Fates’ second Heirs of Fate DLC, follows more children of legendary warriors who’ve found themselves in a similar position. Once again, the children find themselves in a desperate position. The parents were assaulted when they finally had the chance to come home, and now they have to fight to defend themselves and hopefully rescue their loved ones. You start out with Kana, Sophie, and Dwyer, with Sophie and Dwyer attempting to calm the dragon-form Kana. They’re joined by Forrest, Nina, and Ophelia, who are lost and heard Kana’s roar. They join Sophie and Dwyer to lend their help.


    As an aside, pay attention to Sophie and Dwyer’s conversation. When she threatens to poke him, he makes a rather clever reference to her Mischievous skill.


    Again, you start with a crew of characters that’s rather well established and ready to fight in the battle ahead. Each one is a level 10 unit that won’t gain experience from battles, allowing you to put together any strategy you’d like to tackle the trial ahead. Kana, in a Feral Dragon form, has Dragonic Rage available. Sophie is a Cavalier with a Steel Lance, Iron Sword, and Vulnerary, with a Troubador Dwyer with a Mend staff, Physic staff, and Talisman adjacent to her. Forrest is set as a Strategist with Leo’s Brynhildr, Fire, a Heal staff, and a Concoction. He’s accompanied by an Outlaw Nina with an Iron Bow, Shining Bow, and Vulnerary and a Dark Mage Ophelia with Missiletainn, Lightning, and Thunder. As a plus, this means Ophelia has enough tomes for her Bibliophile skill to grant her critical +10.



    As with In Endless Dreams, Realms Collide presents players with a map where a boss must be beaten to reach an escape route. This time, there are three bosses. Caeldori, a level 10 Sky Knight with a Steel Naginata and Swordcatcher, is the boss on the east side of the map. Asugi, a level 10 Ninja with a Steel Shuriken and a Flame Shuriken, is the boss on the west side. In the center is a level 1 Swordmaster Shiro who’s only armed with Ryoma’s Raijinto. They’re accompanied by 37 enemies at the outset, with a level 10 Apothecary Midori with a Steel Yumi, Vulnerary, and Dragon Herbs beside Asugi and a level 10 Diviner Rhajat with a Tiger Spirit and Chest Key below them. Also like Endless Dreams,


    With this map, you’re given paths of varying difficulty. The center route has the fewest units to fight, but the entire chamber has a floor with a healing panel and Shiro is an advanced class unit. The eastern route with Caeldori as the boss is easiest, as it only has 13 enemies total. It also has a key for a chest holding a Rescue staff. The western route with Asugi is the middle ground, due to the 19 enemies available. It also has a chest with another Rescue staff in it. I’d recommend taking the east or west routes, since there’s an additional reward. Be advised that if one of the side routes is taken, eventually Shiro and the units around him will leave their room and give chase.


    Realms Collide is a rather easy map, so none of the paths are overwhelming. I’d recommend using Forrest as an attacker when you can, because even though he can heal, he’s a stronger mage than Ophelia. Be cautious with Kana, should you keep him on the western route. Three of the enemies have Wyrmslayer swords. This is only a problem if they’re within range and will attack first, as every one of your units on this map should be strong enough to take out most average enemies in one hit.




    If you feel like shuffling units around, it isn’t a bad idea to do some swapping and exchange Sophie for Ophelia. That way Sophie can block the halls on the eastern path, keeping Forrest and Nina safe behind her, and Ophelia can offer Kana and Dwyer some ranged support. It also gives you a chance to have Dwyer and Forrest talk to each other about the situation.


    Getting all of your units safely away from the battlefield gives you the Magictaker scroll. This ability gives a character magic +2 after defeating an enemy. This can be accumulated up to 10. The effects of Magictaker disappear after the battle is complete. It’s a good skill to give to a character who’s also learned the Galeforce ability, as they’ll be able to reach that magic +10 limit faster.


    Fire Emblem Fates’ Realms Collide DLC is immediately available in North America. It’s $1.99 on its own, or $7.99 as part of the Map Pack 2. Fire Emblem Fates is immediately available in North America and Japan. It will arrive in Europe on May 20, 2016.

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