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Fire Emblem Fates’s Third Wave Of DLC Announced For Japan [Update]



Earlier today during the Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation, it was revealed that a third wave of DLC for Fire Emblem Fates would be heading to Japan. [Thanks, Serenes Forest.]


Hoshidan Festival of Bonding

  • Will cost 250 yen and available starting March 16 in Japan.
  • Takes place in an alternate Kingdom of Hoshido.
  • CGIs of people dancing as part of festivities to pray for the healthy growth of children; however, a thief makes an appearance…
  • This map has various conversations depending on the character setups.


Nohrian Festival of Bonding

  • Will cost 250 yen and will be available starting March 23 in Japan.
  • Takes place in an alternate Kingdom of Nohr.
  • It features a festival that celebrates friendship; however, Nosferatu makes an appearance…
  • conversations between Azura/Camilla, Ryoma/Scarlet, Izana/Elise and more. Again, you’ll get different conversation topics depending on which characters you have together.


Short-Lived Memories

  • A pack of six maps for 1,500 yen and will be available on March 16 in Japan.
  • Children of an unexplored region gets raided and lose their parents and hometown. After making an escape, what awaits them are new friends and the fate of battle.
  • Shiro and Siegbert are shown conversing, saying “so we can’t do anything but sit here and wait until it’s all over… until Shigure dies?”
  • completing one of the maps without losing any characters will give the Point Blank skill and other rewards.


Update: Updated with correct info from the original Japanese source.


Fire Emblem Fates is available for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will release in Europe on May 20th.