Fire Emblem Heroes Has A 20 Orbs Reward And New Grand Hero Battle Live Now



Fire Emblem Heroes’ third Voting Gauntlet ended with a victory for Tharja in the Battle of Mages, and its rewards of 20 Orbs Crystals, and Great Badges are now available. Lloyd’s Grand Hero Battle also started.


The Voting Gauntlet rewards all players with 20 Orbs, 5,000 Universal Crystals, and five Great Badges of each color. These are available upon logging in. If you haven’t logged in a couple days, you’ll also have a 5 Orbs reward for celebrating the release of Fire Emblem Echoes.


As for the Grand Hero Battle, it features Lloyd the White Wolf. As always, a Summoning Focus comes accompanied with the event, and it features Ninian, Hinoka, Raven, and Klein.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iPhone and Android.

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