Fire Emblem Heroes 4th Anniversary Introduces Playable Summoners, 4-Star Special Rate

fire emblem heroes 4th anniversary

The Fire Emblem Heroes 4th Anniversary update is on the way. Lots of new bonuses will appear in the game. Appropriately enough, they’ll show up on February 4, 2021. Some of the biggest deals involve playable Summoners joining the game and a new four-star special rate. A log-in bonus event, Choose Your Legends Round 5 results, and A Hero Rises 2021 also came up. Plus, the Valentine’s Day banner will involve Askr and Embla units.

Fire Emblem Heroes Summoners will now be able to be customized. You can choose your name and your character portrait. In the mode Mjolnir’s Strike, your avatar can even be customized with Copy Skills from your allies so you can fight.

There will also be the A Hero Rises 2021 Voting Gauntlet. Until February 8, 2021, people can vote for the hero they want to receive as a gift. (You get a mobile wallpaper of that character when you do.)  The eight most popular will appear in a Voting Gauntlet in-game. The winning unit is given to everyone. Last time this happened, people got Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade.

As for the Fire Emblem Heroes 4th Anniversary four-star update, that involves a whole new rate for those possible heroes. If there is a four-star unit that is also available as a five-star up until August 2018, they have a chance of becoming a five-star when summoned. While they will look like a four-star during the initial animation, a fifth star will be added. This doesn’t influence your five-star pity rate on a banner.

When it comes to Fire Emblem Heroes 4th Anniversary log-in rewards, there are two sets that run February 2-15, 2021. These will give you 20 Orbs and 44 Trait Fruits if you appear every day. There will also be both 4th Anniversary and Aether Raid Support Quests until February 28, 2021. 24 Orbs, 44 Dragonflowers, 44 Grails, and a Forma Soul will be among the rewards for participating. 4th Anniversary Tempest Trial+ rewards will be doled out and include items like 176 Grails and tickets to pull on banners. That will run February 4-15, 2021. 

Finally, there are some of the new banners on the way. The 4th Anniversary Hero Fest will run February 4-15, 2021. A Special Hero Summon (Year 4) will be available February 2-28, 2021 and give you a chance to get one random five-star hero for free. This year’s Valentine’s Day banner will involve Gustav: Majestic Love, Henriette: Overflowing Love, Alfonse: Uplifting Love, Veronica: Bestowed Love, and the Lif and Thrasir duo unit Lif: Undying Ties Duo. They’ll appear alongside the Tempest Trials+ event on February 4, 2021. Finally, Legendary Hero Remix units are on the way to offer updates for older characters. The first banner for that will appear on February 11, 2021. Among the units who will appear there are Ike: Vanguard Legend and Fjorm: Princess of Ice.

Here’s the full Fire Emblem Heroes 4th Anniversary video.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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