Fire Emblem Heroes To Add Soleil, Shiro, Siegbert, And Rhajat From Fire Emblem Fates



Fire Emblem Heroes revealed the next set of Heroes that will be added to the game with Soleil, Shiro, Siegbert, and Rhajat from Fire Emblem Fates. Here’s a look at a new trailer showing what they can do.



Here’s more info on the characters and their skills learnable at 5-star:


Soleil (CV: Michelle Ruff/Artist: Enkyo Yuichiro)



Shiro (CV: Kaiji Tang/Artist: Arai Teruko)



Siegbert (CV: Todd Haberkorn/Artist: Arai Teruko)


Soleil, Shiro, and Siegbert will be available starting December 4 in the new Children of Fate Summoning Focus.



As for Rhajat, she’ll be available in Block A of the upcoming Summoning Focus: Enduring Love from December 2 through December 12, leading up to the upcoming Enduring Love Voting Gauntlet.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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