Fire Emblem Heroes Adding A Lite Version That Uses Less Storage And More




It’s time for Fire Emblem Heroes’ monthly update, and the latest one will bring Abyssal difficulty maps for previous Grand Hero Battles currently on rotation, a Lite version of the app for people with limited phone storage, and more.


Check out the details below:

Abyssal Grand Hero Battles

feh 2.1.0


The above seven Heroes will have Abyssal difficulty level maps added to their list of maps. By clearing them, you can get new accessories.


Fire Emblem Heroes Lite Data Version

feh 2.1.0 2

The Lite Data Version will be added for concerned about device storage space. Graphics and sound quality will be lower, and in return, the game size will be reduced by 75%.


New Weapon Refinery Additions

feh 2.1.0 3


Tana’s Vidofnir and Innes’ Nidhogg will be added to the weapon refinery. Meanwhile, Lon’qu will be getting the Solitary Blade, a new personal weapon that can also be further refined.


Favorite-mark Names

feh 2.1.0 4

After the update, you will now be able to edit the names of your favorite marks.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android. The update will be coming in early October.

Alistair Wong
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