Fire Emblem Heroes Adds New Awakening Heroes And A Support Conversation Event


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Fire Emblem Heroes’ Feh Channel livestream was broadcasted today, bringing new information on updates to the game, the weapon refinery, as well as new Heroes and events.


Ylissean Travelers

ylissian travelers


Three new Heroes arriving from Fire Emblem Awakening were revealed: Libra, Sumia, and Mariabelle.


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Libra is a male monk who is often accidentally mistaken for the other gender. He first shows up in Fire Emblem Awakening while trying to save the captured Exalt of Ylisse alone.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, Libra has the first Wo Dao equivalent to be added to the axe category of permanently summonable weapons. He also brings the new Spur Atk/Res 2 skill.


sumia 2



Sumia is a clumsy but determined pegasus knight, and one of the first Shepherds members you meet alongside Chrom. She has a new inheritable lance called Reprisal Lance+, which gives Atk+6 on enemy phase. She is also equipped to guard other allies with Reposition, Atk/Def Link 3, and Close Def 3 combining together to make a surprisingly bulky unit.


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Maribelle is a Troubadour staff unit riding a horse, who is one of Lissa’s closest friends. In Fire Emblem Heroes, she brings several exclusive skills to the table, such as the Trilemma+ staff, which inflicts Triangle Adept’s effects onto any enemy and surrounding enemies. She also has Staff Valor 3, which doubles the amount of SP staff units gain from combat or healing.

While not exclusive to Maribelle, Dazzling Staff is a skill that was only available on the seasonal Bride Lyn. Maribelle adds the skill into the permanently summonable pool.


olivia 1

olivia 2


Olivia decides to reclass to a Pegasus Knight, which was one of her actual options in Fire Emblem Awakening. With this change, she gets a new sword called Skuld, which boosts the stats of allies when danced. She also has Bracing Stance 3, Chill Spd 3, and Guidance 3, making her a solid support unit in many respects.


Grand Hero Battle: Walhart

walhart 2

Walhart, The Conquerer, will be a Grand Hero battle unit starting on July 29 at midnight update time. By beating him in his map, you can get several copies of him for free. His unique weapon Wolf Berg grants him +3 Def, as well as an additional +4 to all stats when there are more enemies than allies within two spaces.


Feh’s Summer Celebration

summer celebration

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To celebrate the 1.5th anniversary of the game, various events will be held as part of the celebration. 2 orbs will be given on each day for up to 40 orbs as part of the login bonus.

Furthermore, there will be Daily Reward Maps that will be based on results of the A Hero Rises voting event. The top 40 Heroes in the results will appear in the maps. These maps start on August 2, 2018.


summer celebration 3


The next Tempest Trials+ will also have a different reward than usual. Rather than offering two copies of a new Hero, the Tempest Trials+ starting on August 14 will give players various units featured in past Tempest Trials, such as Tobin and Clive, Arden, Black Knight, and Joshua.


summer celebration 4


Feh’s Summer Celebration will also have Daily Summoning Events, where 15 different banner focuses from 2017 will be rerun and swapped out daily. However, each banner focus will let you have one free summon, meaning 15 free summons even if you don’t want to spend any orbs.


Update Info

grand conquest

grand conquest 2


Grand Conquests now have a ‘Rank in Army’ button that shows how many points each person has earned in a team. By ranking higher on the team, you earn more Hero Feathers.

Furthermore, Area Counts will now figure into the score of each area at the start of each round, adding something of a comeback mechanic into the game. This means that teams with smaller amounts of areas can easily defend their remaining areas, and focus on taking back conquered areas.

The next Grand Conquest will start on August 1, 2018.


Weapon Refinery update – Order of Heroes

askr trio 1


The Order of Heroes characters – Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna, are finally getting Weapon Refinery updates. Check the new effects below:

askr trio 2


Alfonse now gets a Brazen Atk/Def 3 effect on the refined Folkvangr, and has a Triangle Adept effect for his unique refine. Now, especially devious people can stack two Brazen skills on top of each other!


askr trio 3


Fensalir loses its Threaten Attack effect, instead turning into a lance form of Divine Naga’s effect. Buffs that show up as a blue number, from Rally skills, etc., will be nullified in combat. Furthermore, Sharena gets a Spd/Def Bond unique refine, as she wants to befriend all the Heroes.


askr trio 4


Anna’s Noatun axe doubles down on its teleportation gimmick, as now it only takes Anna being at half health for its Escape Route effect to take effect. Furthermore, Anna’s unique refine is that when above 50% HP, she can teleport to allies within two spaces, meaning that she’ll always be on the move.


New Arena Tier

tier 21

tier 21 2


For those tired of Tier 20, Tier 21, called Great Summoner, will be added starting on August 14’s Arena season. There are higher Tier rewards, and the rank is marked with a Crown, which increases each time you make it or stay in the tier. Feh will also wear a crown on the Home screen.

Another big change is that starting August 14, defeating enemies with Bonus units will factor into score as well. Each enemy defeated will add +3 to your arena score for that battle.


New Event – Forging Bonds

forging bonds 1

forging bonds 2

forging bonds 3


Forging Bonds is a new event where players earn points (“feelings”, which are the heart symbols) in order to unlock rewards. Points (separated into four featured heroes) are earned by completing stages, and apart from regular rewards such as feathers and Accessories, you can unlock different Support Conversations with that featured Hero. There are also conversations between all four featured Heroes that unlock when you get all the Support Conversations with every featured Hero. Equipping certain accessories featured can get you bonus points as well.

The first four featured Heroes are Sumia, Libra, Maribelle, and Olivia, who are all part of the Ylissian Travelers focus. The event starts on July 23 at midnight reset time, and will last for two weeks. Every day, one orb can be earned the first time you clear an event stage.

Finally, as a debut bonus, everyone will get 20 orbs as a celebration of the new event. Players should claim the present between July 23 and August 5, 2018.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android.

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