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Intelligent Systems has stealth dropped a Feh Channel update video for Fire Emblem Heroes, and it has previewed two new features coming to the game, as well as some other changes.


Check out the update highlights below:

Concert Hall

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A new Aether Resort structure called the Concert Hall is getting added in the upcoming update. Using the Concert Hall, you can spend R&R Affinity to unlock various battle preparation themes from across the series, and set them to Aether Raids, the Main Menu, and more.


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Other changes to Aether Raids includes the ability to set up to five different layouts, and you can also set them to change depending on the current season.


Hero Merit Increase

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Hero Merit, which is earned whenever you complete content with characters, was previously capped at 5,000 but is being increased to 6,000 with the new update.


Weekly Revival Summoning Banners

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Heroes from the first year of Fire Emblem Heroes will be rotated on a weekly basis over the next 20 weeks, with an increased rate of getting them and a lower appearance rate for pitybreakers.


Røkkr Sieges

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A new mode titled Røkkr Sieges is being added, and will begin on June 17, 2019 at 4am PT. In this new mode, you take on shadowy, giant versions of Heroes in order to attempt thking down their HP. In doing so, you’ll need to make use of defeating other reinforcements in order to boost the amount of damage you’ll do.

Additionally, your friends will be very helpful in completing this, as several friends will appear as reinforcements to take down a chunk of HP for you, which seems to depend on their own score.

Røkkr Sieges will require some sort of Axe-symbol stamina in order to play. You’ll also be able to choose your difficulty. Pair-Up can also be utilized in this mode. Finally, as usual there will be rewards based on your damage total, as well as Rank Rewards and regular clear awards.


Check out the full Feh Channel update below:


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android.

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