Fire Emblem Heroes Adds New Year’s Anna, Selkie, Lethe, Alfonse & Sharena, And Eir


The new year is almost upon us, and Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed the Special Heroes set to debut for 2020’s New Year’s banner, including Order of Heroes Commander Anna, Alfonse & Sharena as a Duo Hero, as well as beast-type units Selkie and Lethe. [Thanks MrGengar123 on Reddit for the artwork!]

Anna: Wealth-Wisher

Selkie: New Year’s Spirit

Lethe: New Year’s Claw

Alfonse & Sharena: Askran Duo

As usual, the Special Heroes banner is accompanied with a Tempest Trials+. This time, New Year’s Eir is the reward, and players are able to collect two copies of her when you reach the necessary point thresholds.

You can check out the trailer up top to see the new seasonal Heroes in action.

Finally, a Tips & Tricks video has been released by Nintendo Treehouse to show off the new Heroes in more detail:

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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