Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Tactics Drills, A Chess Puzzle-Like Mode


feh update 1

Fire Emblem Heroes recently announced the contents of its upcoming July update, which will add several new options, a new game mode called Tactics Drills, and new weapons for Heroes who need them.


feh update 2


Tactics Drills are a chess puzzle-like mode, where players are provided with fixed units, and have to complete a map using those specific units. There are three difficulties, and players will receive orbs and feathers for beating the maps.


feh update 3


New weapons for Katarina (Reese’s Tome), Nephenee (Dauntless Lance), and Titania (Draconic Poleax) are being added. The new weapons can also be refined. Eldigan will also be able to refine his Mystletainn into Ares’ Dark Mystletainn.


feh update 4


The reward screen will be streamlined so that players don’t need to click ‘Close’ multiple times for each quest.


Other changes:

  • A Battle Music option will be added to the Options menu. You can set it so that the regular battle music will not override the map theme when animations are on, except for boss themes.
  • A new option is being added to view past event conversations.
  • Grand Hero Battles, the new Tactics Drills, and other special maps will have a new option in the menu that allows you to restart from the beginning of the map.
  • The screen will automatically scroll to the newest maps when choosing a map.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android.

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