Fire Emblem Heroes Announces 2nd Year Anniversary Events And Giveaways


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Today, Nintendo released a new Feh Channel update video for Fire Emblem Heroes, focusing on anniversary events and giveaways as well as the update info for the next month.


2nd Anniversary events

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The theme this time is the number 2, based off the 2nd anniversary. Apart from the Log-In Bonus, Double EXP & SP, and Daily Reward Maps that were also present during the first anniversary, this time there are daily summoning events and Special Heroes summoning events that Feh Channel elaborated upon.


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From February 1, 2019 to February 12, 2019, Fire Emblem Heroes will be rerunning eleven different banners that ran across the past year, based on the banners that were active for the various Bound Hero Battles this year. Each banner will be swapped out each day at reset time, and will come with the standard free summon.


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Additionally, there will be two Special Hero Summoning Events that guarantee players two 5* Special Heroes. While you can summon one guaranteed Hero from these two events, you are only allowed to summon once.


The first one will feature Special Heroes from the first year, and will run from February 1 at 11pm PST to February 8 at 10:59pm PST. The second one features Special Heroes from the second year of Fire Emblem Heroes, not including the currently-ongoing Hostile Springs banner. This second focus event will start on February 8 at 11pm PST to February 15 at 10:59pm PST.

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Fire Emblem Heroes will also be holding a voting minigame called ‘Find & Vote Heroes’, which will be done through an external site like Choose Your Legends. Similar to the ‘A Hero Rises’ event last year where players could vote for a free copy of one particular Hero, this event has players choosing a color and searching for the particular Hero you want to vote for in a large map field. Bonus votes can be added by finding Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna in 180 seconds before finding your Hero.


This event is set to run between February 3 at 7pm PST to February 8 at 6:59pm PST. Every Hero (including Special Heroes) added up to January 2019 can be voted for, and the minigame can be played once a day. The top four winners of each color will be featured as part of a special focus banner called the ‘2nd Anniversary Heroes’, where players get to choose one of the four randomly as a free 5* unit. After the guaranteed Hero summon, players will be able to summon for those four Heroes as part of a regular banner.


Finally, players will be able to change their Home Screen castle layout starting with the next update to the one pictured above, featuring party balloons, flowers, and more decorations.


Monthly Update

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The next update that will be released later this month is set to add a new type of item called Dragonflowers, which can be used to boost the stats of your Heroes. There are four colors of Dragonflowers, corresponding to the four types of movement Heroes can have (Infantry, Cavalry, Fliers, Armored).


By default, you can increase each Hero five times total, which adds +1 to each stat. The stat increase is counted separately from merges, and do not count towards Arena score. The exceptions to the rule are Infantry units that have been released up to this point, who are able to be strengthened 10 times for +2 to each stat total. Infantry units released after this point will only be able to be strengthened five times like the other unit types.


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One of the methods to gain Dragonflowers is by playing a new type of map set to be added called Heroic Ordeals. Each Hero has a special map prepared for them that yields some Dragonflowers, once per map. You gain access to these maps by having them on your team, and they must defeat at least two enemies for it to count as a victory.


Aether Raids Changes

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Some changes are coming to Aether Raids, due to feedback from players. The Aether needed for battles will be halved, and capped to 50 at most. However, the free Aether Raid battle per day that doesn’t cost Aether will be scrapped.


Dragonflowers have also been added as Aether Raid rewards, and the highest tier has been increased to Tier 27. At the end of every season, every player in Tier 22 or above gets reset to Tier 21, leveling the playing field.


Merge Allies Changes

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As detailed in December, Merge Allies is seeing some changes this month, with Flaws being removed upon merging Heroes at least once. For Heroes that have a neutral Asset and Flaw, their top 3 highest stats get a +1 boost. You can read more about it in our report here.


Check out the full Feh Channel here:


Finally, here are larger versions of the artwork by various Fire Emblem Heroes character artists that celebrate the 2nd Anniversary:


fe heroes 2nd anniversary 1


Itagaki Hako

fe heroes 2nd anniversary 2


Asatani Tomoyo

fe heroes 2nd anniversary 3


Kita Senri

fe heroes 2nd anniversary 4



fe heroes 2nd anniversary 5


Yamada Kotaro

fe heroes 2nd anniversary 6



fe heroes 2nd anniversary 7



fe heroes 2nd anniversary 8


Suekane Kumiko

fe heroes 2nd anniversary 9


Okuma Yugo

fe heroes 2nd anniversary 10


Wada Sachiko

fe heroes 2nd anniversary 11



fe heroes 2nd anniversary 12


Maeshima Shigeki

fe heroes 2nd anniversary 13



fe heroes 2nd anniversary 14


Enkyo Yuichiro

fe heroes 2nd anniversary 15


Soeda Ippei

fe heroes 2nd anniversary 16


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android. Read more about the results of the result Choose Your Legends voting event in our previous report here.

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