Fire Emblem Heroes Asks If Users Want Real-Time PvP, Town Building, And Co-Op Modes


feh survey 6

Intelligent Systems recently sent out a feedback survey for Fire Emblem Heroes, asking about player satisfaction, and additional features and modes that players may want.


Several more intriguing questions included asking player feedback on a potential town building feature, with the ability to attack other towns and defend your town; a real-time PvP mode, a Co-op mode, and a mode which advances based on how long you leave the app off.


Here are screenshots of the questions in the survey [Thanks, Nirolak from ResetEra]:

feh survey 1

feh survey 2 feh survey 3

feh survey 4 feh survey 5


The full survey can be accessed through a link in the notifications of the game.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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