Fire Emblem Heroes Banner Adds Mythic Heidr

Fire Emblem Heroes Book 8
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Nintendo dropped announced Ascended Fir and Heidr will join Fire Emblem Heroes as playable characters on the new banner. That will appear on June 8, 2023. There are also two new trailers, with one showcasing new characters and the other showing a glimpse of the upcoming story in the second half of Book 8. These additions come as part of the games Update 7.6.0.

First, here’s the trailer showcasing the upcoming Forging Bonds: Strength in Service Fire Emblem Heroes banner. The showpiece of this banner is a playable version of Heidr, who is a green tome-wielding Mythic character. Also available are Ascended Fir, the a sword-wielding infantry unit, Noah the blue lance Cavalry unit, and Dorothy the infantry archer. While the latter three hail from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, Heidr is a character original to Fire Emblem Heroes.

The Story trailer features spoilers, so beware. It involves the goddess Heidr and the Curse of the Golden Seer. Gullveig, the antagonist of this book is featured prominently too. Also appearing are the King Njordr, the goddess Nerbuz, and Kvasir. The trailer will also serve as the mid-book movie for Book 8, and you can watch it below:

In May 2023, a Legendary version of Hinoka become available to summoners in Fire Emblem Heroes, . It also marked the arrival of a banner featuring bridal versions of Tiki and Anna.

Fire Emblem Heroes is immediately available on mobile devices, with the Forging Bonds banner and Book 8 Chapter 4: Ouroboros scheduled to go live on June 8, 2023

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