Fire Emblem Heroes’ The Blood of Dragons Voting Gauntlet And Update Version 1.8.0 Now Live



Fire Emblem Heroes launched its new Voting Gauntlet featuring a bunch of dragon girls as well as its update version 1.8.0 that introduces new features and adjustments.

The Sacred Seal Forge


The new Sacred Seal Forge option has been added to the game. It allows you to create new Sacred Seals and enhance existing ones. The function becomes available after clearing the Intermission map, Awakening Ancient Power that appears after Chapter 13 in Story Mode.


Sacred Coins, Badges, and Great Badges are used to power the Sacred Seal Forge. Starting with this update, Sacred Coins can be earned through quests, Tempest Trials, and other places besides the Arena Assault Mode, where they’ve been available up until now. Version 1.8.0 has also increased the number of Badges and Great Badges earned in Training Tower.


The update has also brought in a variety of QoL changes:



It’s now easier to change teams with a shortcut from the battle confirmation screen to edit team.



You can now move to the appropriate map directly from the quest list.



Symbols added to mark maps that have quests to complete.



An Auto-Battle icon has been placed on the menu at the bottom of the battle screen.


As for The Blood of Dragons Voting Gauntlet, it features adult Tiki, Corrin (Male), Fae, Ninian, kid Tiki, Nowi, Corrin (Female), and Sophia. It is now live through October 14.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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