Fire Emblem Heroes’ Bridal Blessings Event And Its Waifus Now Live


Fire Emblem Heroes went up with its latest update featuring the “Bridal Blessings” event with new bridal versions of Caeda, Charlotte, Lyn, and Cordelia who are available in the new Summoning Focus.


Let’s take a quick look at the new Hero variants:


Bridal Caeda


Bridal Caeda is a blue tome unit with a passive increase in Attack Res and extra buffs for allies with Hone Spd. Her speed stat is where she shines, with a base of 37 she’s now the fastest blue tome unit in the game.


Bridal Charlotte


Regular Charlotte has yet to appear in the game, but similar to Xander she is making her debut as a special version beforehand. She’s a spear unit with high HP but her defense and resistance is a bit on the lower side. She makes up for it with her passive skills that lower enemy attack as well as  her Wind Boost ability that speeds up allies.


Bridal Lyn


Bridal Lyn is a stave-user, but her abilities to prevent enemy counterattacks is definitely what makes her a nice option, as counter attack heroes have been leading the charts for a while now.


Bridal Cordelia

And finally, we have Bridal Cordelia, the bow unit with a useful Rally Atk/Spd that provides adjacent allies with a nice buff in both stats. Her Escape Route passive also enables units whose own HP lower than a certain percentage to wrap adjacent to any ally. She also has the Breath of Life passive that recovers HP after initiating combat.


You can check out the trailer and get more info on their abilities in our previous report.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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