Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends: Round 4 is Now Live

Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends: Round 4

Fire Emblem Heroes kicked off its Choose Your Legends: Round 4 campaign for fans to vote on their top two male and female Heroes.

You can head to the Choose Your Legends website to vote for your top-two male and top-two female characters.

However, you cannot vote for the following characters:

  • Ike (Radiant Dawn)
  • Masked Marth
  • Hector (Binding Blade)
  • Eliwood (Binding Blade)

Previous Choose Your Legends winners are also unavailable:

  • Ike (Path of Radiance), Lyn, Roy, Lucina
  • Hector (Blazing Blade), Ephraim, Celica, Veronica
  • Alm, Micaiah, Eliwood (Blazing Blade), Camilla

Furthermore, everyone who participates in Choose Your Legends: Round 4 while signed into their Nintendo Account will receive 100 Platinum POints for My Nintendo.

It’s also worth noting that the following characters will have their votes tallied together, even though they are not on the “tallied votes” list:

  • Byleth (female)+Byleth (female, Enlightened)
  • Byleth (male)+Byleth (male, Enlightened)

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android. In case you missed it, the game recently started the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore collaboration. The collaboration also includes new Tap Battle songs.

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