Fire Emblem Heroes Gets Pair Up, Allegiance Battles, Aether Resort, And Rarity Changes In Latest Feh Channel


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The latest Feh Channel update video showing off what’s coming to Fire Emblem Heroes was shown off, and we are getting new info on the Pair Up mechanic being added to the game, which can be used in the new Allegiance Battles mode. Additionally a new Aether Resort mode was shown off, as well as Rarity Changes and more.


Pair Up

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Pair Up, which is a feature from Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates, is being added to Fire Emblem Heroes in a limited fashion. It can be utilized by Legendary Heroes like Legendary Roy, and it grants you a small stat boost, a cute animation of the other unit cheering the main unit on, and the ability to swap that unit to the other one, before or after their action is taken.


Essentially you are able to cover weaknesses using this mechanic, letting you basically bring 5 units instead of 4. However, Pair Up is limited to the main story, paralogues, training tower, and a new mode, Allegiance Battles.


Allegiance Battles

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Allegiance Battles are a new mode where you are meant to take advantage of the new Pair Up mechanic. The rightmost unit on your team, even if not Legendary, will be deployed while paired up with a friend’s Hero. Scores are calculated the same way as Arena.


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Bonus score can be earned by using the paired-up unit to defeat enemies, and following the weapon triangle as well.


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Bonus score is also earned via Friend Quest Bonuses, which has you defeating specific enemy Heroes to complete an objective alongside friends. The Friend Bonus will grant extra score from the top 3 friends from your list. Finally, there’s a Synergy Bonus which is earned once a season. Your score is used to earn Feathers and Dragonflowers.


Allegiance Battles begin on April 27, 2019 at 12am PT.


Aether Resort

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Aether Resort is a new casual mode where you can see Heroes interacting with each other at your Aether Keep, and there will be a variety of ways you can set up the appearance.


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Aether Resort has its own structures called R&R Structures, which are developed using R&R Affinity.


aether resort 4

Up to 3 Heroes can be invited initially, with more Hero slots unlockable with R&R Affinity.


But how do you earn R&R Affinity? Simply put, you just need to visit the mode once a day.


aether resort 5

By dragging units into the R&R structures, you can see them interact and do things in them, like trying out replica weapons and more.


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Optionally, you can earn more R&R affinity with an Aether Resort Pass that costs 3 orbs.


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R&R Affinity can be used to earn Aether Stones for Aether Raids, but the mode is still mainly for some casual fun on the side.


Aether Resort will open by the next update.


New Features and Info

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One new feature introduced was that in Aether Raids you can now make 10 teams, 5 for Light season and 5 for Astra seasons, which changes automatically when seasons change.


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The Spring Orb Promo deal, featuring 20,000 feathers as a bonus, will be available  starting April 10, 2019.


Rarity Changes

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The above Heroes will now appear as 3*-4* starting with the upcoming Hero with Odd Wave Skills banner, rather than 4*-5* Heroes.


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The above 5* Heroes, who all debuted before Book 2 of Fire Emblem Heroes, will no longer appear as pitybreakers summonable off-banner units specifically in New Heroes and Special Heroes banners. You’ll still be able to summon them on their Focus Banners, or on other Focuses like the Odd Wave Skills banner mentioned above that aren’t for new or seasonal Heroes.


This update will be implemented with the upcoming update.


You can watch the full Feh Channel below:


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on Android and iOS.

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